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The ability to reach your audience is crucial as a scientist. However, even with all of our training, we are rarely taught how to communicate research effectively, beyond just trial and error. So in 2016, I founded Fiddlehead Biosciences with the goal of helping scientists communicate their research in any setting.

I received my Ph.D. in viral immunology from Oregon Health and Sciences University (Portland, OR) in 2013. My post-doctoral fellowship position was at Seattle Children’s Research Institute, focusing on immunotherapies for solid tumors, specifically glioblastoma (GBM).

During my academic career, I was the first author on 4 primary articles and 2 review articles, and won several awards for my presentations. I have a passion for science and learning, and a great joy that comes from sharing this with others.

I have mentored a vast group of people, from high school students, to summer interns, to visiting post-doctoral fellows. These interactions fueled my desire to not only communicate science to others in an accessible way, but to also help my peers communicate science effectively. In as such, I am currently the Editorial Manager for Bitesize Bio, a website dedicated to supporting scientific researchers in their careers, and guiding them back to finding enjoyment in and out of the lab.

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Kristen Haberthur, Ph.D. -  founder of Fiddlehead Biosciences

Kristen Haberthur, Ph.D. - founder of Fiddlehead Biosciences